1win Aviator

1win Aviator is a popular gambling crash game brought to the gambling entertainment market by the provider Spribe. Bookmaker 1Win offers players both classic and modified versions of this entertainment (Lucky jet, Rocket Queen and others).

There are several game modes available for players in Aviator – play for money and demo mode. Naturally, the Aviator 1win game mode for money requires registration and replenishment of the balance.

The demo mode is suitable for familiarization with the game, an entertaining game and does not require funds in your account. You can try the game without registration.

1win aviator

    The essence of the game 1win Aviator

    The essence of the game is very simple - you need to bet on the outcome of the plane's flight. The flight is always interrupted by accident. The result of the round depends on the random number generator and is not under the control of the players or the casino.

    1win Aviator game rules

    The longer the plane flies, the higher the coefficient by which your bet is multiplied, and the greater the player’s winnings. But if you miss the moment and the flight is interrupted, your bet will be lost.

    It is worth saying that the player can cash out the bet at any time or set up an automatic withdrawal of funds (cashout). Cashout allows you to automatically end a round upon reaching a certain coefficient.

    After completing these actions, the user’s money is immediately transferred to his account.

    1win Aviator win

    Players don't need to look for patterns in the plane's flight. After all, the outcome result is generated based on random number technology. This means that the aircraft can crash both at the highest and at the lowest point, etc. There are situations when the aircraft does not take off at all. In this case, the bet goes into the hands of the casino. According to the developers, this happens only three times per hundred flights.

    For one round, the user creates from 1 to 2 bets. At the same time, he can remain in the game even if he cashes out one of them. The minimum bet amount is 0.1 USD. The maximum win is $10,000. 

    1win Aviator Game Modes

    Aviator 1win supports several game modes - real money and demo mode. In order to bet with real money, the user needs to top up his balance by at least the amount of the minimum bet. The demo mode of the game allows you to acquire knowledge and first experience. 

    1win Aviator game mode

    These options differ from each other in that one of them involves the use of real money, and the other does not. Thus, a person, having chosen any of the modes, will be able to place a bet, use the cashout function, etc. 

    The entertainment interface is different from conventional slot machines. There is an airplane in the middle of the board, and as it takes off or falls, a curve appears. On the left is a table of winnings, and at the very top are the fixed odds.

    At the bottom there are several buttons to control the gameplay. For example, the user can exit the game by clicking on “Bet”. Many users make this process automatic. This is implemented through the use of cashout - a person selects a coefficient in advance, upon reaching which the round ends for him. 

    The game also has a chat. In it, gamers communicate, discuss strategies and share emotions with each other by sending emoticons. This makes the gameplay more fun. 

    How to register in 1win Aviator

    If the user wants to play for real money, then he needs to create a personal account. To do this he needs:

    1. Go to the “Registration” tab.
    2. Provide your email address.
    3. Create a password and confirm it.
    4. Specify country and currency. 
    registration on 1win aviator

    1Win Casino has a wide variety of supported payment instruments. After completing filling out this form, the person should click on “Next”. On the new page he will have to fill in the following fields:

    1. First Name Last Name.
    2. Date of Birth.
    3. Cell phone number.
    how to find aviator on the 1win website

    The next step is to confirm your phone number and email. This is necessary in order to verify your account. 

    Game strategies 1win Aviator

    Let us remind you that Aviator 1win is a game that is implemented based on random number generation technology. Therefore, players should not try to predict the last odds. Searching for patterns will not yield useful results.

    Sometimes even strategies do not make the balance sheet profitable. However, some gamers manage to gain profit by using strategies. 

    One of them is the hunt for a large multiplier. According to players, a large odds appear at least once every hour. Therefore, if the user has not noticed it in an hour, then he should continue betting.

    To do this, he needs to have a bank of 30-50 bets. In this case, a person should set up a cashout, because when a high odds appear, some players get lost and forget to click on the “Bet” button. 

    There are more careful methods - a large bet at odds of 1.3 or 1.5. In this case, the user consistently receives a small win. But even this outcome cannot be predicted. It is important to remember that there are no rules in the game - the flight can be interrupted at any moment. 

    How to win at 1win Aviator

    As we said earlier, there are no reliable guarantees of winning at 1win Aviator. The result of each round is always completely random.

    1 win aviator how to win

    However, there are a number of recommendations that can help the player be more likely to increase his balance or at least not spend his deposit too quickly:

    1. Testing the game in demo mode. This option helps you understand the interface and rules of the game. We recommend starting with demo mode.
    2. Using financial strategies rather than playing chaotic games. You need to adhere to some chosen tactics. 
    3. Defining a financial goal. This will allow you to end the round at a predetermined moment and withdraw funds despite the fact that the plane continues to fly. Composure will help you save your money.
    4. Using an automatic mode to exit the game when a certain result is achieved.
    5. Game balance is too low. Try to have a balance of at least 20 bets so you can play back and test your strategy.
    big skid 1win aviator

    The last tip will help you avoid the painful choice of when to end your flight. The higher the plane flies, the higher the risks. 

    Pros and cons of the game

    One of the advantages of the gaming slot is the periodic occurrence of high odds (most often - x100, least often - x1000, x3000). Its other advantages include:

    1. Availability of demo mode.
    2. Unusual mechanics.
    3. Automatic round exit mode.
    4. There is a chance to receive a x100 multiplier in each session. 

    The disadvantages of the 1win Aviator game include:

    1. The illusion of patterns.
    2. The plane may not take off at all.
    3. The real money game mode is available only after replenishing your account. 

    It is worth saying that in order to withdraw winnings, the user must verify the account. To do this, he needs to present the casino administration with a copy of his passport or driver’s license. 


    What is the maximum win in 1Win Aviator? 

    The maximum payout amount is 10,000 USD. 

    How to play Aviato for freer?

    You can play Aviator 1win for free in the entertainment demo mode. This option is suitable for learning the rules, testing strategies and for training. Before the start of the round, the user receives 3000 units of virtual currency. When using it, a person does not have the opportunity to withdraw real money. 

    Is it possible to play Aviator only through the website? 

    You can also play Aviator 1win on your phone. The application is available for download through the official website of the casino, which in addition to the software has an adaptive version for the phone.                                                       

    What strategies are there for playing Aviator 1win? 

    To play Aviator 1win there is a strategy for doubling your bet. With its help, the user covers the previous amount with the current one. For example, a person bet on 10 and 20 cents. The first one turned out to be unprofitable, and the second one entered with a coefficient of 1.5. This means that the user managed to win 30 cents. With the help of strategy, he managed to win back what he had lost. 

    How to combine bets? 

    To combine a bet, a person needs to use a manual bet with an automatic cash-out option. This opportunity will increase the chance of receiving additional funds. 

    Conclusion on the game

    In general, the Aviator game is a bright event in the gaming industry. The game has a large number of fans around the world. Thanks to nice graphics and simple but addictive gameplay, the game gives real excitement and emotions.

    Conclusion on the game Aviator 1win

    The game cannot be considered as a source of stable income - it is entertainment. But every day dozens and hundreds of players increase their bet many times over. There are examples of truly huge bet multipliers.